"Make it work, then make it work better"

Our team was assigned a client that hit close to home for us, the New Media Institute at the University of Georgia. Since we are all students at the NMI, it has been fun to dig into a new side of things and develop an application for them. The New Media institute is pioneering the way for emerging media education.

They offer a certificate to undergraduate students and a graduate program unparalleled by any others. They prepare students with knowledge about new technologies and tangible professional skills.

The NMI is full of forward facing, self motivated students who are interested in understanding and utilizing new technologies as they develop. The NMI offers a wide range of courses allowing students to dive into topics they’re interested in and gain hands on experience with the technologies of their choice.


Like any project, our idea was curated around many tables, over many lattes, over much deliberation. In some respects, we are our own client. As students in the NMI, we were posed with the opportunity to create an app that would be of use to us as well as every other staff, faculty, and student at the NMI. We went through many different ideas, but didn’t want to land on one that was not as robust and technologically advanced as the students who would be using it.

After much thought, we decided to create an application to connect students in the New Media Institutes via augmented reality. We have developed a shared experience where students can leave messages around the New Media Institute for their peers to see and interact with. Merging functionality with fun, this app provides students with a way to interact with the space they learn in like never before.

Research is the safe word for sure. No one on our team had any previous augmented reality experience. When we landed on this idea, it was certainly the path less travelled by our team, but we were willing to embark upon this journey together. We went straight to the drawing board and found every possible augmented reality app that we could and tried to figure out how they did it. After much deliberation, we decided to code in Unity.




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Our Team

A talented group of NMI students who strive for innovation in design and new technology


Andrew Buhler

Programming Lead

Haley Naylor

Content Lead

Cam Walker

Design Lead

Brady Eastin

Project Manager

Madison Ambrogio

Branding Lead